Handel: Focus on Amadigi

Handel: Focus on Amadigi

Amadigi, Handel’s 1715 “Magic Opera” emulates the twists and turns of youthful love. ETO have picked seven of our favourite arias to bring to our audience on ETO at Home.

Released over the course of a week, the seven films capture the Old Street Band and selected soloists performing in the spectacular Stone’s Nest in London’s West End.

Jonathan Peter Kenny conducts ETO’s resident period orchestra.

Alongside the performances, viewers can hear ETO artists and expert Handelians discuss the music in pre- and post-show conversations.

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Handel: Focus on Amadigi
  • Handel: Amadigi - Full Programme

    In preparation for a brand new production and tour of Handel’s ‘magic’ opera Amadigi, the English Touring Opera and its partner period orchestra the Old Street Band came together at Stone Nest in London’s West End to film a selection of arias.

    Featuring Jenny Stafford, Harriet Eyley, Francesca ...

  • Handel: Amadigi - Discussion with Jonathan Keates

    Ahead of our full programme of selected Amadigi arias, listen to a discussion between ETO Director James Conway and Handel biographer Jonathan Keates that looks into the context of Handel writing this 'magic' opera.

    You can watch the full programme of arias for free on ETO at Home.

    ETO will be ...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 1. Io godo, scherzo e rido

    This is the first slightly nasty side you see of Melissa. She is revelling in someone else’s sorrow, in Amadigi's sorrow. She's taunting him and saying "this is your fault, you have taught me how to hurt someone, so I'm going to hurt you and I'm going to love it."

    Jenny Stafford
    Old Street Band ...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 2. Ah! Spietato

    This the first time we see Melissa alone. Because of this, we really get to understand everything that she is. We get to see her strengths, vulnerability and anger. She's powerful and can get all of her minions to be with her at a snap of her fingers. But she's lonely, she doesn't have love or tr...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 3. Sussurrate, onde vezzose

    Unfortunately, Amadigi has found cause for concern. He has spoken with the Fountain of Truth and become worried. He has been shown that his love is wondering off with someone else and he has become questioning. The feelings he has are undermined, which shows us an anxious side to our confident he...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 4. Sinfonia & Tu mia speranza

    The sinfonia is the orchestra's aria and describes the hero Amadigi's passage through the wall of flames and up into the enchanted tower.
    Tu mia speranza - Dardano now appears to be Amadigi, so Oriana, the girl he loves, thinks that he is Amadigi. She thinks that he is her beloved. For the first ...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 5. Pena tiranna

    Dardano loves Oriana, but she loves and is loved by his friend Amadigi. Dardano has corrupted himself, and has tried to destroy his friend - but his failure is complete, and he can scarcely look at himself. This is the moment in which pain and resentment turn to grief, crashing over him wave upon...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 6. Non sa temere

    Amadigi is our wonderful hero. He's in love, top of the class, captain of the team, head boy, you name it. That's who he is. In this aria, he says that his heart knows no pain or fear; Amadigi is at peace with the world.

    James Laing
    Old Street Band conducted by Jonathan Peter Kenny
    Filmed on loc...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 7. S'estinto e l'idol mio

    Amadigi has just fainted having been oppressed by grief and thinking that he has watched Oriana being unfaithful. In reality, Melissa is playing tricks on his eyes! Melissa summons Oriana to see him and she automatically thinks that her idol has gone. She truly believes that he is dead.

    Harriet ...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 8. Destero dall'empia Dite

    At this moment, Melissa tries to get the love of her life to love her back. She is feeling vulnerable but decides that she won't let her worries overcome her. This powerful moment sees her summon all of the furies to her aid, to support her through this hardship.

    Jenny Stafford
    Old Street Band c...

  • Handel: Amadigi - Remembering Amadigi

    Hear from the cast of James Conway's 1996 production of Handel's Amadigi as they discuss what the opera meant to them.

    Featuring James Conway, Majella Cullagh, Buddug Verona James and Jonathan Peter Kenny.

    A set of arias from Amadigi will be released in a festival celebrating Handel's magic ope...