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Handel: Amadigi - 3. Sussurrate, onde vezzose

Handel: Focus on Amadigi • 6m 56s

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  • Handel: Amadigi - 4. Sinfonia & Tu mi...

    The sinfonia is the orchestra's aria and describes the hero Amadigi's passage through the wall of flames and up into the enchanted tower.
    Tu mia speranza - Dardano now appears to be Amadigi, so Oriana, the girl he loves, thinks that he is Amadigi. She thinks that he is her beloved. For the first ...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 5. Pena tiranna

    Dardano loves Oriana, but she loves and is loved by his friend Amadigi. Dardano has corrupted himself, and has tried to destroy his friend - but his failure is complete, and he can scarcely look at himself. This is the moment in which pain and resentment turn to grief, crashing over him wave upon...

  • Handel: Amadigi - 6. Non sa temere

    Amadigi is our wonderful hero. He's in love, top of the class, captain of the team, head boy, you name it. That's who he is. In this aria, he says that his heart knows no pain or fear; Amadigi is at peace with the world.

    James Laing
    Old Street Band conducted by Jonathan Peter Kenny
    Filmed on loc...